Principled Athletics 

  • Setting Principles to Drive Athletics
  • Building Athlete Leadership 
  • Improving Team Culture
  • Improving Coach-Athlete Dynamics

Effective leaders share a unique nexus with elite athletes.  They have a relentless commitment to their own personal development and skill improvement. 

Thus, it seems that we should fuel athletes to think of themselves as leaders from early on in their education and career training.  Our programs work to help coaches and athletic teams build the personal skills, team dynamics and coach-athlete relationships that are consistent with effective long-term leadership.


D1 Dreams: Recruiting Insights From 60 d1 Athletes              

Here’s your chance to gain a behind the scenes look at “living the dream” in college athletics. Based on the stories and experiences of 60 Division 1 athletes, both male and female competing across twelve NCAA sports, this book offers a realistic perspective to help you gain clarity and understanding of the typical student-athlete experience.