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Facilitating best performance.                                     Driving best results

Developing the how, to achieve the What, based on the why...


Optimize Leadership by design

Leaders don’t magically break free of the pack. Leadership grows by identifying strategic core competencies and directing personal focus to achieve results. Building emotional intelligence and trusted relationships creates leaders who thrive. Let's work on this together.


unlock talent via Coaching

Each of us is a canvas of strengths and untapped potential; and coaching helps to unlock our personal mission and proficiency to set the mark of our achievement, make it happen, and then redraw the finish line again. Coaching creates the context for continuous personal improvement.

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accelerate Women

Research shows three consistent gaps that trigger women leaving work: lack of key skills, active sponsorship and peer camaraderie. Workplaces need women for ingenuity, communication, expertise and balance. Workplaces are more profitable and productive with women in leadership. Working together, let's design practical strategies to retain, energize and accelerate talented women.


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Principled athletics

Athletes bring a discipline, learning, and team perspective that often fuels early leadership skills.  But overly demanding, competitive programs can break this potential.  In a unique practice that combines workplace leadership research and athletics, we provide process and tools for University programs to renew the soul of athletics.  



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Executive Coaching 

  • Competency & 360 Assessment

  • Personality & EQi Assessment

  • Individual Development Plans

  • One-on-One Coaching Programs

  • Small Group Coaching

  • Personalized tools and resources


leadership by Design 

  • Competency Model Design

  • Assessment Program Strategy

  • Proven Action Learning Sessions

  • Custom Learning Programs

  • High Performance Teams

  • Metrics, ROI, and Evaluation

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Accelerating Women

  • Research based, Data Driven 

  • Career Pulse Survey

  • Targeted Action Learning

  • Career Team Group Coaching

  • A+ Program - Accelerated Leadership

  • Talk Back to Bias Programs

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  • Facilitated Strategy Work Sessions

  • Action Learning Instructional Design

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Change

  • FutureCourse Action Workshops

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University talks & Discussions 

  • Personal Leadership Development

  • Women, Work and Career Health

  • Workplace Bias Discussion

  • Early Career Competencies

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Principled Athletics

  • Setting Principles to Drive Athletics

  • Building Athlete Leadership

  • Improving Team Culture

  • Improving Coach-Athlete Dynamics