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Marita Decker


                DEVELOPING THE HOW,

                               TO ACHIEVE THE WHAT,

                                                   BASED ON THE WHY...


Sometimes it takes a new perspective to achieve just what you've been hoping for.  

Marita Decker is a performance strategy consultant and coach, working to optimize individual talents and create synergy for best performance with individuals, teams and organizations.  With keen business focus, she helps  optimize strategies to achieve target goals with impactful results.

As an independent consultant or with her team of associates, she provides support for setting strategy, designing custom learning and leadership development opportunities, facilitating rich group dialogue and implementing programs with measurable results.

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"Goldfish invite wealth, prosperity, and harmonious movement, especially in business and personal affairs. This symbol of strength and transformation is an illustration to those who wish to become stronger through change."



Leadership Development

  • American Medical Association:  Multi-year program including competency model development and  curriculum design, development and implementation for top 200 leaders
  • Global Design Consultancy:  Custom leadership development focused on relationship building for all director level consultant
  • WW Grainger:  Competency model development and yearly custom action learning programs for top talent;  renewed for past 7 years 
  • British Petroleum/USPL: Competency model development and implementation including executive leaders, front line leaders and technical professionals
  • National Center for Healthcare Leadership: Supported the implementation of healthcare leadership competencies across healthcare providers and US graduate programs
  • Ochsner Health System: Design and development of custom leadership program
  • MBA Faculty: Lake Forest Graduate School, Lake Forest, IL – Leadership Development
  • Developed and implemented custom assessments and follow-on leadership development programs for several Fortune 500 clients
  • Specialize in action learning programs to drive leadership development while bringing tangible ROI within a year

Individual Coaching and Development

  • Individualized, one-on-one coaching for:
    • Hi Potentials in transition to leadership roles
    • Leaders onboarding to new roles
    • Career transition clients
    • College to Career Clients
  • Formal assessments typically include: Myers Briggs, EQi, 360 Feedback, Competency Assessments, etc.
  • Custom developed assessments include: Competency assessments, Career History Mapping, Leadership Stages Assessment, etc.

Team Coaching and Development

  • Work Style Assessment of all team members (TMP™ Tool)
  • Observation and facilitation of team interactions for high performance
  • Custom Training and Development for acceleration or business acumen

Board and Strategy Facilitation

  • Work with Start Up teams to set strategy, gain clarity and accelerate momentum
  • Facilitate sessions to accelerate strategic planning processes
  • Facilitate sessions to improve board interactions and consensus

Corporate Training

  • Harvard Business School Publishing: Designed several web based learning products for the Interactive Manager Series
  • Marriott Hotels: Designed and implemented front desk training for Marriott properties worldwide
  • British Petroleum/USPL:  Designed and produced 2 day leaders meeting for 100 executives, including crafting all presentations and hosting a competitive, online business simulation. Assisted in the strategy, design and development of 30,000+ sq ft. oil pipeline simulation lab with QR code triggered video explanations of equipment, etc.
  • WW Grainger: Designed and implemented leadership development action learning including personal coaching, cross functional team project and facilitated learning sessions, now in it’s 7th year of implementation
  • Library of Congress: Designed online learning, facilitated sessions, and web tools for primary source integration impacting over 3000 teachers throughout Illinois; several receiving Masters credit, etc.
  • AT&T: Virtual Work, Real Results Winner of 5 national/international awards
  • AT&T: Critical Thinking; implemented for 60,000 people; Winner of national award
  • Ochsner Health System: Collaboration with IBM on the design/development of custom leadership program

Higher Education

  • Multi Use Higher Ed Model: Created Custom competency model for graduate to career transition
  • National Center for Healthcare Leadership: Supported the implementation of healthcare leadership competencies across approximately 15 US graduate programs
  • Laureate Education: Built Online Masters Program in Early Education
  • Cappella Online: Designed Online Masters Program in Healthcare Administration
  • Library of Congress: Designed online learning, facilitated sessions, and web tools for primary source integration impacting over 3000 teachers; several receiving Masters credit, etc.
  • University of Mzumbe, Tanzania, Africa Ongoing project to design/develop a new competency-based curriculum for healthcare management; including coaching faculty in syllabus development and teaching methodologies
  • Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations, LLC: Driving national innovation of medical residency programs for improving surgical skills training

Principled Athletics

  • Designed/developed an engagement survey to assess culture of athletics within an institution
  • Designed/developed a coaching style survey to help align coach behavior for improved athlete performance
  • Designed/developed an athlete alignment tool to help athletes better match personal style with type/level of college play
  • Currently developing athletic leadership competency models