Executive Coaching 

  • Competency & 360 Assessment
  • Personality & EQi Assessment
  • Individual Development Plans
  • One-on-One Coaching Programs
  • Small Group Programs
  • Personalized Tools and Resources 

Every coaching engagement is different, tailored to the needs and goals of the individual. Some clients enjoy a routine set of in-person meetings to discuss challenges and strategies. Others prefer an ongoing cadence of email, text, phone and meetings to keep their focus on the process of change. And, for some, the coaching routine will begin one way, and evolve to meet the changing work demands. My coaching process is flexible to accommodate individual preferences. 

Assessments provide an insightful starting point by uncovering innate strengths and potential blindspots related to workplace challenges. While taking the assessments is a quick online survey process, the debrief session typically lasts 2-3 hours allowing you time to process results and answer questions. This insight, coupled with specific goals, provides a strong foundation for moving forward together. 


Individual or Group Coaching? 

There are benefits to both individual and group programs. Individual sessions provide extreme focus and typically accelerate performance change. Group sessions build a lasting camaraderie and skill set for individuals to adopt supportive coaching styles going forward. Group coaching can build team-like relationships that provide lasting support. 


Image: rawpixel/ Unsplash