Leadership by Design

  • Competency Model Design
  • Assessment Program Strategy
  • Proven Action Learning Sessions
  • Custom Learning Programs
  • High Performance Teams
  • Metrics, ROI, and Evaluation 

Building a culture of proactive leadership is like conducting an orchestra-- each brings a special talent and role to play, but music results from the synergy of doing it well together. Leadership by Design begins with crafting the vision of leadership...

Knowing the what, based on the why, allows us to develop the how... 

With this in mind, we will collaboratively create a competency model to describe leadership behaviors to drive desired business outcomes for your organization. The model set the stage for implementation: shaping learning sessions and active dialogue to engage you leadership team. 

Our designs aim towards brevity and action. We prefer work session that are no longer than 2 hours, packed with reflection, tools and practice to prepare people to do things differently as soon as they move to their next meeting. 


Image: Rodrigo Ruiz/ Unsplash