Accelerating Women 

  • Research based, Data Driven Design
  • Career Pulse Survey … to Start
  • Proven, Targeted Action Learning
  • Career Team Group Coaching
  •  A+  Accelerated Leadership
  • Talk Back to Bias Programs

For women at work, the realities are not changing fast enough.  Organizations need the contribution of talented women, and yet so many hurdles stand in the way of optimization.  The themes of challenge are consistent in the research, and yet play out uniquely for different women and different organizations. 

Our Career Pulse Survey helps to identify the specifics:  under-developed skills; decreased meaning and job fulfillment; lack of peer camaraderie; limited access to role models and mentors; and perhaps no proactive sponsorship – whatever the root cause, our survey helps with diagnosis and action planning. 

From there, we recommend the Career Team Program of facilitated small group coaching to concentrate on the target areas and drive sustainability at work.  This program launches from a proven framework, but is designed for flexible adaptation to the unique needs of the group.  While personal reflection and skill development are cornerstone, it’s about creating bonds and advisory skills for women to support women moving forward. 

And if you need more than sustainability of this talent, it may be appropriate to use the A+ Career Team Program, to accelerate leadership readiness in your high potential women.


Finally, a note on the ‘elephant in the room’ – the undercurrent of gender bias that may be inadvertently holding women back.  It’s typically not big, showy instances of bias, but the repeated nicks at competence and confidence that leave women questioning, or perhaps migrating out the door.  Our Talk Back to Bias Program fosters a healthy, positive dialogue about the neuroscience and reality of bias, while providing specific techniques to equip women to handle the moments when they can spark change.